Crisis? What crisis? Elysiants a Social network for the wealthy

Elysiants, a new social network established by Dutch entrepreneurs Ruud Smeets and Joost Hagesteijn, has opened opened offices in 5 cities this year.

Access is exclusive: only five thousand dollars or a personal invitation opens the doors to the site.

Unlike other networking sites  like LinkedIn or Facebook, it is difficult to become a member of the site. However, the exclusive high roller stature of the audience is really its only difference as the features of the site are pretty much in line with the established networks you already know. The high threshold and degree of exclusivity of the members is what makes it different


"What credit crisis?"

How many members the year-old site already has they’re not telling. What I do know is that they now have a head office in Curacao and branches in Hong Kong and Amsterdam with Dubai, Shanghai, Moscow, Miami and Sao Paolo planned in 09

The network focuses on "people who celebrate life in style", ie those not affected by the credit crisis which pretty much excludes most of us employees 🙂

Elysiants offers similar features to existing sites such as job profiling, brand preferences, education and friends. It also allows members to publish blogs, photos and videos.

One distinctive feature is the fact that of each member they keep track of of how active they are  The profiles display member’s ‘engagement level’  so you can see which of the rich are really bored and have no social life 🙂


Brands pay for exclusive access

The company intends to make its money by giving companies for example, sellers of exclusive travel, boats and fashion, paid access to contact selected members. The business-oriented travel site Dopplr operates in a similar manner.

It already has claims partnerships with brands companies such such as Beyond Resorts, Aston Martin, DQ Vodka, Heineken, Moët & Chandon and Versace.

So in short Elysiants is a variant of the 5-year-old site A Small World. which is also an exclusive profile site.


The threshold for membership, however, is now even higher.
Not all members may invite others to join, in fact only a select group (about 20%) are able to do this or you can pay a lofty fee. Currently the site says that about 65 percent of the members originate in Europe and the total wealth of the members would top 100 billion dollars

Want a login and see how the rich experience web 2.0.

Give me a holler  in the comments I have two invites to give away 🙂

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